Maintenance of geared cranes: to ensure safe and efficient operation

In industries such as construction, manufacturing, logistics, etc., a geared crane is a common heavy piece of equipment that is able to lift and transport heavy loads efficiently. However, in order to ensure the long-term stable operation and safety of the equipment, regular maintenance of the geared crane is essential. This article will focus on the maintenance methods and importance of reduced gear cranes.

Before or at the end of each day`s work, a simple inspection of the decelerating crane shall be carried out, including but not limited to the following:

Check the brake: check whether the brake pad wear is serious, if need to replace should be replaced in time;

Safety Device Check: confirm limit switch, travel switch, etc. are normal;

Cable connection check: confirm whether the cable connection is tight, no break.

In addition to routine inspections, decelerating cranes require regular professional maintenance. Frequency depends on the frequency of use of equipment and working conditions. Major maintenance projects include:

Lubrication: the decelerating crane parts lubrication to reduce wear and friction, extend the life of equipment;

Clean: clean the dust and dirt inside and outside the decelerating crane, keep the surface of the equipment smooth;

Maintenance: regular maintenance of key parts of the equipment, such as gears, bearings, motors, etc. 

Replacement of vulnerable parts: wear serious parts for timely replacement, to avoid loss due to small.

Good maintenance can make the deceleration crane to maintain its best working condition, extended service life:

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